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My OSCP Journey and PWK Course Review

Intro I signed up for the course with 60 Days of lab time on 27th Nov 2018 to start my labs from 9th Dec. During this period of  ~10 days, I also got VIP subscription of HackTheBox  to pwn some retired machines, solved a dozen of boot2root machines from vulnhub, read many privesc writeups and HTB walkthroughs, watched almost every video of ippsec  and prepared myself for the labs. Lab Days and the journey of learning I got the study materials (PDF + videos + lab connection) early in the morning and I was really excited about it so I just read about the network structure of the lab, watched some intro videos, and directly jumped into the lab. I was expecting the lab environment to be something like HTB with difficulty level, OS info, etc. but nothing was there. Only a list of IP addresses. At this point, I had to go back to pdf, watch more videos, read others' reviews to get some knowledge of how to get an initial foothold on the first subnet. I spent like 4 days more to go