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Adventures Into The MeowCorp Bug Bounty Program

Introduction After hacking into a private program for a while now, I found some nice bugs, mostly through recon and chaining one clue after another. In this blog post, I'll discuss the same as well as my approach to finding them. Since I've signed an NDA with them, all references to the project and company are redacted. For the sake of this blog, I am going to refer to the project as MeowCorp project and their primary domain as  Findings #1 /.git/config file to root shell After running regular subdomain enumeration tools, I picked up some interesting subdomains. One of them was While performing content discovery on this subdomain, I found  git config file. Quickly I dumped the files from .git dir with GitTools  but it was all static CSS, JS files that were of no use. When I was about to close the terminal tab, I noticed that the git repo belonged to a personal GitHub profile.  The company has its own GitHub org profile but the reference to a p

Expanding the attack surface with Shodan's lesser known filter

I have been using Shodan extensively for bug bounty hunting lately and I found some neat tricks to expand the attack surface of the given target. There are many blogs and tutorials on "Shodan Recon" and most of them talk about the same filters - ssl,, org, ip, hostname, etc. but I have not seen anyone talk about this filter - all. So, I won't talk much about the basics of shodan and directly jump to the topic.  Shodan's regular search bar (without any filter) is not consistent and when you search for a keyword, it only looks for the "keyword" in<ip> BUT shodan's raw data (<ip>/raw) contains much more information or what I like to call it as "references" about the target. To find those references and juicy hosts, this "all" filter is very handy. I have been using this filter a lot and it has found many hosts that no other filter could find. The usage